No coach fees, no insurance worries and the opportunity to include several classes in one day's booking - all these advantages and the fact that the Mobile Farm visit can be easily and usefully integrated into national curriculum work, have made Miller's Ark Animals a very popular choice for schools, nurseries and play-schemes. 

Local press coverage of our visit helps promote your school or nursery.
The Mobile Farm can include sheep and lambs, goats and kids, a calf, piglets, poultry and sometimes a miniature horse or donkey. The emphasis is on touching and feeding the animals to build confidence and awareness. The welfare of the animals is paramount throughout and only those happy with lots of attention are used.
"The explanation of the animals was pitched at just the right level for the age group with the older children learning more details than the younger ones."
HS Farnham 9th June 2017: Recommended, enjoyed by everyone, we will definately re book. 
CC School 19th June 2017: We have had Miller's Ark several times before and always enjoy it. 
MP School 2nd May 2017: Flyer came to the school, FANTASTIC, just right for the age group. Very helpful and friendly staff. Thanks you are brilliant.