Residential Homes

Bring the sights and the sounds of the farmyard into your residential home!

Our calm and extremely friendly animals can provide wonderful new experiences and valuable stimulation. Stroking and interaction with animals can bring a welcome break to daily routines but can also reduce anxiety, stress and feelings of isolation.

We will work with you to tailor your visit, bringing animals most suited to the environment - including animals who are comfortable to sit on laps - such as chickens, rabbits and geese. Pigs, sheep, goats and larger animals are also available, as well as a friendly farm dog!

Residents that are able can visit the animals outside in their pens. A staff member will be on hand to bring animals indoors to see residents in chairs or who are unable to get out of bed.


Used for many years. The residents really love the visit and it was nice to take some of the animals to the residents that are bed bound. Care Home August 2017.