Magical Elf Tea Party


Magical Elf Tea Party Sunday 24th November  4-6pm

Enter a World of  Red and Green at  the Elves' Private Tea Party!


Play traditional games with the elves in our cosy barn, like “pin the tail on the donkey”, "sleeping pigs", "musical straw bales" and learn the “special elf dance”! If you would like to dress up as elves, the more elves the merrier!

A unique magical experience for a few lucky families! The cost of this event is £10 for children over 2, and £5 for children 18 months to 2 years, and includes snowmen sandwiches, “elfie snacks", crisps, cake or cookie and warm drinks, and £6 for adults including a festive finger buffet, luxury hot chocolate good enough to warm Santa on a cold night and Christmas cookies perfect for his reindeer!

Booking is essential visit our Box Office page to book tickets for this event. 


Remember to bring your camera/phone to this special experience and capture memories that will last a lifetime.