We encourage close interaction with all our farm animals to increase confidence, stimulate curiosity and promote respect for living things. Our work with the nursery curriculum covers areas such as:

  • Feeling good about yourself and how animals naturally can reassure
  • Making friends with animals-how do we treat them?
  • Writing about the animals
  • Sensory expressions: eg. soft, hard, wet, rough
  • Different types of feet, beaks etc
  • Counting the animals, matching parents and babies
  • Animal role play
  • Art and craft spin offs from the visit


Our animals will include small and giant chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and guinea pigs, rare breed sheep and pigs, goats and a miniature donkey or pony. We bring all the penning and equipment and clear up thoroughly on our departure, inside or outside, all we need is access to a water supply.

Visits usually run from 10.30 - 2.30pm

Miller’s Ark Animals is covered by Public Liability Insurance and a Risk Assessment can be provided


SS PRE SCHOOL 20th May 2017: Excellent interaction, impressed with hygiene facilities and animal management/welfare. Thank you.

EM pre school 23rd June 2017: We book every year, the children and staff all thoroughly enjoyed the visit thank you.