Pre school: member of staff saw them at a hospice, we had a fantastic day and will definately re book staff and children really enjoyed it. 

Care Home: Lucy was amazing, so were the animals such a great experience for the residents.

Children's Centre: Aidan was enthusiastic and knowledgeble excellent thank you. 

Nursery School:Thank you Emily you were fab. The children really enjoyed the experience - so did the adults. 

MaireadAbsolutely love this place had such amazing time. The staff are amazing and the animal interaction is great my entire family loved it can't recommend you enough!!!! Will definitely be returning.

Katie BI came with my son and daughter for the first time today. What you do is truly amazing! Thank you so much for the experience of meeting babies and adults in every shape size and colour. I say ignore the people who think your fees are high, I think it's cheap for what animals we met today and got to cuddle! Can I say it was my childhood dream to meet a donkey and I got to meet tonnes! I cannot thank you enough and I'll be recommending you to all of my friends!! :)

Tiffany JWe came to Miller's Ark recently for an open day, with our 4 children. We had an absolutely lovely day out, with so much interaction with baby animals of all sorts - rabbits, lambs, goat kids, piglets, donkey foals, chicks, ducklings & more! Such a lovely family day out, with the children able to touch & hold many of the different species. We had never been so close to piglets before! It was great and we are hoping to visit again this half term! Highly recommended 10 /10 x

Marina:  We went to MILLER'S ARK today, it was AMAZING! They had every farm animal you could want to see. The big difference between MILLER'S ARK and other farms is that we were allowed to hold, stroke, brush and feed the animals up close. We have been to so many farms where you have to view the animals from afar and behind pens. This place was so child friendly and the animals so gentle. I have 3 children age 1 1/2, 9 and 11 and they all enjoyed it. The food was all fresh and delicious with a heated barn to eat it in. I loved it and would def recommend! 

Kirsty F: Fantastic hands on farm, we have been coming regularly for years and still have the most fab time. There is always a great selection of animals to hold, stroke, brush and feed. The tea room is fab especially on a chilly day. I love that its about family hands-on fun and not commercially trying to exploit every pound from your pocket :)

Michelle:    Miller's Farm is such a friendly, well run farm that is great to take children of all ages. I have 2 children ages 2 1/2 yrs and 6 yrs, they both love to have so much contact with the animals. The animals are extremely friendly and well  looked after. Out of all the farms we have been to, I would say that this is not only the childrens', but my favourite to go and spend some family time.

Sarah : My children love this place. well worth a visit if you want your children to see what a real farm is like and not the more sanitised and artificial farm parks. friendly staff and plenty of chances to get up close with the animals. Quite rustic so don't forget your wellies and leave your white jeans at home!
Maxine : We took our son on his first birthday on a cold day in December, and spent ages snuggled up in a cosy barn with the friendliest of animals. I think my partner and I got even more from it than our son did, and both came away feeling totally de-stressed. We went back for Carols in the barn at Christmas with the grandparents too and had a wondertime time. It helps to build children's confidence with animals as all the animals there seem to crave the attention and want to be cuddled and brushed. There isn't any doubt that the animals are treated with the utmost care and attention and all the helpers at the farm really enjoy what they're doing. I can't recommend a visit highly enough - it is a day that can be enjoyed by all.
Louise: This place is AMAZING! The children can climb or walk into almost every pen - to touch, stroke or groom the animals. There are little pigs, goats, donkeys and small bird handling  being able to freely enter the pens built my daughter's confidence ENORMOUSLY. I would throughly recommended going to an open day. Tea in the barn is a nice way to end the day and there are wash facilities scattered about.

Sarah L: Best hands on farm I have ever been to.Cuddled very young goats, lambs and piglets. Great day for our 3 and 4 year old.