Risk Assessment

The risk assessment below is also available as a PDF document which is easier to print:

Mobile Farm risk assessment in Adobe PDF formatOn Farm risk assessment in Adobe PDF format (141kb)


Company Name :  

Miller’s Ark Animals

On-site Address :

Manor Farm
Blackstocks Lane
Nately Scures
RG27 9PH

Miller’s Ark Animals home site at Manor Farm is regularly inspected by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Hampshire County Council for good practice. We have a close link with DEFRA’s Animal Health local office in Winchester and our own vets. High levels of trained staff are always on site.


Significant Hazards

Who is at risk

     Control Measures

Hazards on site including machinery, animals, barbed wire, electric fences


  1. Avoid moving machinery
  2. Do not climb on bales, walls or fences
  3. Do not touch barbed wire or electric fences
  4. Do not touch or feed animals unless the farm personnel are supervising/give permission
  5. Daily visual checks and weekly routine checks are made by senior staff throughout the year.

Slip and trip hazards


  1. Visitors to be made aware of hazards and the care needed around an old farm site.

Being bitten, kicked or knocked over by an animal


  1. Animals  are penned securely
  2. All our animals are used to being handled
  3. It is our intention that no member of the general public is allowed to pick up or touch any animals without a member of staff being present.
  4. We are fully insured with the National Farmers Union and have Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000

Infection and illness from contact with an animal or unfamiliar farm environment, particularly E Coli.



  1. Avoid transmission of infection from hand to mouth. Stress to both adults and children the importance of washing hands thoroughly, not putting fingers or thumbs in mouths. For groups this is covered in the welcome Health and Safety talk.
  2. Hand wash stations are available throughout the farm with ‘Wash your hands’ signs and hot and cold water facilities are available in the toilets .
  3. Wash hands thoroughly before eating and eat only in designated areas of the Tea Barn or Picnic Area.
  4. Check, change or clean footwear before leaving site as necessary. 
  5. Pregnant women are advised not to go near sheep which have just lambed or new born lambs as a health precaution.
  6. Staff are trained in all matters regarding E Coli transmission and other safety issues.
  7. Approved disinfectants are used on the farm.

Lost Children


  1. We have a team trained to identify lost children and any child found without its parent or teacher will be taken to the farm office to be collected.


Signed: Elizabeth Miller – Owner of Miller’s Ark Animals        


Elizabeth Miller